Some concrete commands possible


Here are some concrete examples of what you can do with Asia simply by typing one of these sentences :


- Optimize and speed up your computer

- Find my wifi password
- This connect to a remote hard drive, turn off a computer remotely.


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What is the use of asia ?


Asia is a powerful software that allows you to make your use of Windows easier. You'll then be able to easily and quickly modify your Windows.


But there's more, Asia will help you in your navigation and will allow you to do things you didn't think possible simply by asking.Such as implement advanced network features, to easily connect to a computer remotly and a lot more things !


Asia also enables you to easily control and secure the acces of a user to a computer by managing in a trice every Windows' feature.


ASIA is a software entirely free


The software is completely free so do not hesitate to try it !


If you want to help the development of the software :

-Make a donation (even 1 $ can be enough to support the development)


ASIA is not a virus


If you thought that asia might be a virus, you can have the sureness that this software does not present any threat.


Why use ASIA ?

  • Using Asia will make executing small tasks easier by creating your own shortcuts, listen to music and stuff...
  • Change some of Windows' parameters by modifying it as you wish.
  • To secure your computer, make it faster and more optimized, fix it...

Asia is a "super task bar" that helps you automatically without needing to use internet to find what you're looking for. Everything is automated !

To sum up :